Saltshorts responds to temperature changes. So, these color changing shorts need warmth and cold to show what they can do. When you’re wearing these swimshorts, they’re warm (well if you’re warm) due to your body heat and the warmth of the sun.

To make your Sea’sons swim shorts change color, get cool! That means just into water and see what happens!


Our SaltShorts collection has been designed in a way that instead of one color showing when the temperature changes – two colors become visible when temperature changes! This gives the swim short even more depth, the effect is unparalleled.

Product details.

✔️ 100% Polyester / Fast drying.

✔️ Custom inner lining for optimal comfort.

✔️ 100% Color Changing.

✔️ Outstanding quality and fashionable fit.


The quality of the SaltShorts is better than ever

The tailor-made details are made of high-quality materials. Drawstring cords and labels take take your color changing swim short to the next level!

Our brand story wasn’t supposed to be complicated; it just has to be great! The way you as the wearer of the clothing tell it, should reflect who we are as a brand. Movement is our power. We are not here to fit in… we are here to be eccentric, to amaze and to be awesome, to the great mosaic of being!

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